Tonight marks the end of new Daily Show episodes until January. Here's a look back at the year's most memorable commentary from Jon Stewart on everything from Fox News, to Glenn Beck, to Barack Obama, to Steve Jobs... even Chatroulette!

1. Jon Stewart Sums Up Everything That is Wrong with America in Under Four Minutes
The new Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure act went into effect-but not without controversy. And tonight on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart brilliantly laid out both what's wrong with American consumers and with credit card companies.

2. Jon Stewart and Friends Use Chatroulette on The Daily Show
Jon Stewart finally-and brilliantly-jumped on the Chatroulette bandwagon. Stewart mocked the media's obsession with the Internet's newest fad, before trying it out himself-and running into Diane Sawyer, Keith Olbermann, Katie Couric, Brian Williams and others.

3. The Jon Stewart Clip That Will Make Glenn Beck Cry Real Tears
Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show with what was probably one of his greatest segments ever: a complete and utter destruction of everything Glenn Beck stands for and propagates. And Stewart did it as Beck. The incredible video, inside.

4. Jon Stewart Exposes the Media's Laughably Dishonest Tax-Related Reporting
Jon Stewart overviewed the media's reaction to a report that many poor households don't pay federal income tax before comparing it to the non-reaction over the fact that Exxon Mobil also doesn't pay. Inside, video of Stewart's magnificent juxtaposition.

5. Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News for Anti-Muslim Nuclear Logo Propaganda
Jon Stewart took Fox News to task for its focus on the Nuclear Security Summit's logo and assertion that it was a crescent moon/nod to muslim countries before giving the network a taste of its own medicine.

6. Jon Stewart Slams Apple Over Its Handling of Gizmodo Case
Jon Stewart gives his take regarding Gizmodo's iPhone exclusive and the subsequent police raid on Jason Chen's home. Speaking directly to Apple and Steve Jobs, Stewart didn't hold back his criticism of them.

7. Jon Stewart Mocks the Laughable Tameness of British Political Scandals
Jon Stewart gives a hilarious overview of the current ~scandal~ rocking the campaign for Britain's next prime minister-"Bigotgate," as the UK media are calling it-and turned something mundane into something enthralling.

8. Jon Stewart Blasts Obama for War-Related Lies, Broken Promises
Jon Stewart calls out President Obama for not only not living up to his campaign-era promises to reverse many of the Bush Administration's war-related human rights policies, but also attempting to introduce new, even more harsh ones.

9. Jon Stewart: "Jezebel Thinks I'm A Sexist Prick"
Hi Jon! Thanks for the shoutout. But do we think you're "a sexist prick"? It depends.

10. Jon Stewart Rips Congress, Fox News for Outrage Over Stephen Colbert's Testimony
Jon Stewart tackles the subject of Stephen Colbert's recent congressional testimony. In the process, Stewart ripped Congress itself, Fox News (and its anchorbot, Megyn Kelly), "arrogant douche" Tucker Carlson, and more, before showing just how useless Congress has been.

11. The Night Jon Stewart Turned on President Obama
The same day that President Obama endorsed his rally-Jon Stewart came out swinging with his strongest anti-Obama Daily Show segment to date. Inside, video of the unexpected segment, during which Stewart basically called Obama a dishonest idealist.

12. With Oprah Winfrey's Blessing, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Join Forces
First, Stephen Colbert shows up, and he and Jon Stewart dropped the bombshell that they're joining forces for the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear." Then, Oprah Winfrey gave Stewart's audience a gift.

13. Jon Stewart's Harshest John McCain Critique Yet
Jon Stewart spends a few minutes discussing, in detail, just how ridiculous and archaic-not to mention ever-evolving-John McCain's stance on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is, marking Stewart's harshest critique yet of McCain's increasingly indefensible views.

14. Jon Stewart's Takedown of Glenn Beck's Creepy George Soros Obsession
When Glenn Beck creepily revealed that George Soros was some sort of "puppet master" that Beck believes is set on overthrowing the American government, Jon Stewart mocked the charade, and then turned the table on Beck.

15. Jon Stewart to Republicans: You Can't Exploit 9/11 Anymore
Jon Stewart opens with an impassioned rant against Republicans for blocking a Congressional bill that would've provided health care for 9/11 first responders. Stewart then implored the GOP to never again exploit the attacks for political gain. Watch inside.

The Daily Show returns Monday, January 3rd with new episodes. Nightly coverage of The Daily Show available here.