"Shit happens," Hawaii community college philosophy teacher Daniel Petersen tells his students, and Osama bin Laden could "kill you and your goddamn god." For this provocative philosophical cussing, some girl's dad complained, and now Daniel Petersen's out of a job.

I mean, he quit, because he didn't want to stop cussing. But still. A student's father sent the school a letter saying blah blah blah cussing is bad, blah blah. Use your imagination. "Our institutions of higher learning need to take the high ground intellectually and in general deportment rather than devolving to the lowest vernacular," for example, was a line in said letter. We know this because Daniel Petersen is stubborn motherfucker:

Petersen said that he was called to meet with administrators to discuss the letter and was urged to stop swearing in class. Not only did he refuse to do so, but he then used Jahraus's letter for a class discussion and — at the request of students — posted the letter on a class website. (The university has since removed it.)

Haha, that motherfucker would make a great blogger. All the more so considering he's currently unemployed.

[Inside Higher Ed]