The red team wins. Husband and wife (Brad and Tori), Dunbar, and Tyler. Laurel cries, karma restored. Abram and Cara Maria are still together. A video update from injured host TJ Lavin. Plus, Paula's boobs being squeezed together! All inside.

Well, that was quick! We arrived at the final challenge. The marathon. Boy was it grueling. By my count, we had at least three people throw up - Sarah, Emily, and Abram. What happened to Abram?! Our season's strongest male contestant completely flopped!

Maybe the question should be, why wasn't everybody puking? Because that final challenge was brutal. Just.. go watch it. You'll get to see Jenn take her shirt off and run in a sports bra. Anyway, here's the red team winning. A spectacular setting for a finish; at the top of a real castle. $40,000 for Dunbar, $40,000 for Tyler, and $80,000 for the Brad & Tori household ($0 for Paula, who was eliminated from the red team at the top of the episode). How did this husband and wife team pull it off? That was sneaky.

[There was a video here]

Nice shirt TJ!

Hey, do you want to see Laurel cry? Remember when she ripped into Big Easy? (Laurel: "Remember when your p**** made it into a v*****? It didn't.") Now you want to see Laurel cry. Here's her crying. The first half of the video is when her team still has a chance, the second half after they've found out they lost.

[There was a video here]

In all fairness, Laurel is a hell of a competitor and I will remember her most for her inability to throw a challenge, even when it was strategically fair to do so. She is an athlete and a trooper, and she will be a force in Challenges to come. Plus, the show needs her, remember?

In the reunion, Easy E did make a return, and he and Laurel - along with the rest of the cast - spent a good ten minutes re-hashing the hot tub incident that made for some drama, but at the author's discretion why re-open old wounds when we can see Jenn pushing together Paula's fake boobs?

[There was a video here]

Those are some strong boobs! Really, though, those are some strong boobs.

Abram and Cara Maria are still together. Go Cara Maria! Belittled all season, you finished the marathon where Abram and Sarah could not. One curious thing about Abram's Facebook status regarding the relationship though..

[There was a video here]

Tyler's reaction is priceless.

Speaking of the reunion, who loves Johnny Bananas? Reunion host Maria Menounos does! Watch her flirt with Johnny... and then unleash the unsexiest of unsexy laughs - so unsexy I thought it was Kristen Wiig playing an SNL character.

[There was a video here]

And finally, we wouldn't be able to call it a night without a T.J. Lavin update. Airing at the end of the reunion show, the host of The Challenge checked in from his home.

[There was a video here]

T.J. looks like he's under the spell of quite a few pain killers, but at least he's out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. We wish him the very best.

He left the "You Killed It" count at zero.

Watch the final, brutal challenge in full [here]. Reunion [here].