A remote-controlled drone owned and operated by the government of Mexico crashed "in someone's backyard" near El Paso last week. What was it doing there?

According to Talking Points Memo, a "mini orbiter UAV" drone crashed into someone's backyard in El Paso's Lower Valley around 6:30 p.m. "We were told it was not a police matter," El Paso detective Mike Baranyay told the El Paso Times, most likely in the tone of voice where you totally know some kind of wicked intimidating government agent in sunglasses was all, "Excuse me, detective—we'll take it from here."

Apparently, border patrol turned the drone over to the Mexican government "at one of the bridges which span the U.S.-Mexico border" (again, classic scene in the movie about this incident that I am currently watching, inside my head). "We may or may not do a report on this," says a National Transportation Safety Board spokesperson.

Okay, well, breaking news: Our government is sketchy as hell. But I still want to know what the drone was doing! Was it spying on... El Paso? Of all places? (I mean, we use our drones to kill people who we heard from some guy are maybe terrorists, and whichever people are near the people who we think might probably be terrorists. So maybe it was doing, uh, that?) Either way, one thing's for certain: We are now at war with Mexico.

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