Want to catch up on the week's most popular web videos? Check out our top 15 inside.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week1. Sledding Behind a Fighter Jet Seriously Ups the Death Wish Ante
Sledding behind a commuter train? Yawn. A sledding bungee jump? BOR-ING. Hitching your sled up to a buddy's fighter jet? Uh, yeah. Yeah, I guess that's actually pretty hard core.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week2. Bus Driver Resigns After Killing Snow Man
A Champaign-Urbana bus driver quit today after this video of him carelessly plowing through a snow man in the road was posted to the web. It's unclear if the driver's bad at his job or just really hated Jack Frost.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week3. Florida School Board Shooting Caught on Tape
56-year-old Clay Duke took his own life today during a shootout with authorities at a Florida school board meeting, mere seconds after he fired at-and missed, thankfully-several local officials. The dramatic showdown was caught on tape-watch it inside.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week4. Yogi Bear: "Booboo Kills Yogi" Alternate Ending
If you were ever a fan of Yogi Bear we advise you to look away.


The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week5. How To Shout Down A Perv: Tips And Tricks From The Subway Badass
When she eviscerated her subway attacker, Nicola Briggs wasn't planning on becoming an international heroine - she didn't even know she was being filmed. But she was, and she did, and I'm happy to personally confirm she's really that awesome.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week6. Word Lens: The iPhone App from the Future People Can't Stop Talking About
Word Lens, an app that translates English text to and from Spanish on the fly, is a reminder of just how powerful apps can be. But how's it really work? It ain't perfect, but it's still pretty damn amazing.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week7. The Coolest Marching Band Routine You'll See This Football Season
Some marching band routines are boring, sure-but not this one! Here's last weekend's performance by the University of Hawaii's creative squad, during which they morphed into a giant stick figure and kicked an equally giant football.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week8. What Do You Get if You Connect a Bunch of Vuvuzelas to Air Horns?
Hell. That's what. Made famous by this year's World Cup, the humble vuvuzela's been tricked out to become the world's most irritating burglar alarm. Seriously, you thought the vuvuzela's sound was bad coming through your TV speakers?

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week9. Nicolas Cage's Latest Meltdown Is Captivating, Epic
Seriously, if "I'll fucking die because of honor" doesn't become a meme by the end of the day, we'll have lost our faith in the Internet.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week10. The Year's Most Popular Gaming YouTube Videos
Starcraft II, Flower Warfare, Gears of War 3, Call of Duty, it was a spectacularly diverse, spectacularly video-centric year for video games.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week11. Movie FAIL: Tron's Most Obvious Mistakes
It's Tron: Legacy day! Who's excited? I know I am. Excited enough to re-watch the original last night. But let's temper that excitement, a little, shall we? Even though it's a childhood favorite, here are some continuity errors from Tron.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week12. Tron Jeremy: The Movie I Really Want to See
It had to happen. Ron Jeremy stars in... Tron: Jeremy. "I always double team." Don't worry: Except for some deep cleavage, the video is safe for work.

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week13. Watch a Ladybug Play With Sprinkles
Well if this isn't the cutest thing we've seen all day... Here's video of a ladybug playing with some sprinkles-or shots and/or jimmies, depending on your location-for nearly two minutes. But are the candies too big to eat?

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week14. Mother Nature Has Her Way With a Lighthouse
If you think winter weather's got you cold, consider the plight of this Ohio lighthouse-freezing lake spray has it lookin' like some crazy-ass ice castle. Which I guess isn't a plight so much as an excellent upgrade?

The 15 Best Videos Ever of The Week15. The Daily Show Airs 1999 Test Footage Featuring Paul Rudd
During Paul Rudd's interview last night, Jon Stewart pulled out some vintage footage from the Daily Show vault from 1999. As the video shows, Paul was Jon's first test guest after Craig Kilborn left the show.