Have you ever wondered which is better to have in a fight, a samurai sword or a wooden club? Thanks to two citizens of the great metropolis of Terre Haute, Indiana, we have an answer: The samurai sword.

This particular battle started, as all great struggles do, when one participant became angry that his bedroom was being illuminated by headlights from a car in the street. He expressed his displeasure with the man in the car with "a wooden club," at which point things got weird:

investigators say that's when the man from the car pulled out a samurai sword.

According to detectives, in the middle of the fight, the man with the sword sliced off three fingers from the man with the club.

Police say that the man was sent to an Indianapolis hospital to reattach his fingers.

Investigators talked to the man with the sword at the scene.

Police are still hoping to talk to more witnesses and get a clearer picture of exactly what happened.

I'm not a police officer or anything, but it seems pretty clear what happened! The guy with the samurai sword won. Case closed.

[via Fark]