A new Daily Mail story alleges that Julian Assange seduced the girlfriend of an anonymous American journalist the same week as the sexual encounters he is now facing rape charges over. Which makes us wonder: Which American journalist?

According to the not-really-in-the-end-very-reliable Mail, which spoke with our anonymous friend, Assange had dinner at Beirut, a restaurant in Stockholm, with the mysterious American, his English girlfriend, the Swedish Wikileaks coordinator, and the coordinator's girlfriend. Assange kicked off the evening acting like a dick, responding to the American's offer of "a copy of his recent, well-reviewed book," by saying "Don't bother. I'd only throw it away." It went downhill from there:

Later, when the woman said she was going outside to smoke, Mr Assange left the table to join her....

‘They were standing very close together a little way down the street, and Julian was whispering in her ear.'...

The group finally left when the restaurant closed for the night. The journalist turned round and saw that Mr Assange and his girlfriend were walking hand in hand, and when he asked him what was happening, ‘he dropped into a classic fighter's pose, with his fists up'.

There are many fascinating things about this story! Such as the weird gender politics that lead the secret American to blame Assange and not, you know, his girlfriend. And the whole thing about the two of them leaving the restaurant for like an hour! And don't forget the fact that Julian Assange has, like, a fighting stance!

But all we really want is the reporter's identity. This is like a fun media blind item! Here's what we know from the Mail story:

  • He's American
  • He's a journalist
  • He wrote a "recent, well-reviewed book"
  • He's single (or at least unattached)
  • He was in Stockholm on August 11

Who could it be?! Start speculating!

[Daily Mail; image via AP]