Andrea Peyser's Year in Review: 'Prostitutes'

When you think back on 2010, you may reflect on the elections, or the economy, or the sporting contests. When sexxxy complaint journalist Andrea Peyser looks back on the year, she sees, primarily, gruesome death. And whores! Whores! Whores!

Andrea has composed a "Year in Review" column today, by—we can only surmise—transcribing the mutterings of an angel dust addict as he plays a free-association word game while being shown flashcards of New York Post covers. We've taken the time to condense it for you into a readable version:

This was a cranky Republicans...touch my junk...The Year of the Living Dead...penis...sexually crazed...

Death, figurative and literal, obsessed the city...

we stopped going uptown...prostitutes...hooker/teacher...World's Oldest Profession...Hooker-hiring...Girl relations...anonymous sperm donors...And love.

In a final word of advice, Andrea adds, "Working as a hooker is not all fun and kicks." What else is there to say?