TONIGHT: Kinda slim pickings, except for the premiere of the new Kevin Pollack-hosted game show Millions Dollar Money Drop, which will be incredible. Plus, NBC's over-performing the Sing-Off, Men of a Certain Age and a collection of previously-unaired Kardashians footage.

8:00 PM

Million Dollar Money Drop Oh my god, you guys: Kevin Pollack is back and hosting a game show where the contestants get the money at the beginning and then have to keep it by answering questions correctly. If they don't, the money drops down a chute. And it's two freaking hours long. (FOX)
The Sing-Off You'll never guess what's gonna happen, so I'll tell you: a cappella groups perform and then Nicole Scherzinger says something useless. (NBC)

9:00 PM

My Big Friggin' Wedding Johnny goes to a strip club for his bachelor party and Megin retaliates by going to Hunk-o-Mania with her friends. Our nation, ladies and gentlemen. (VH1)
The Best Thing I Ever Ate...for brunch. I don't know about you, but I love brunch and I've always wanted to know what I should order for brunch if I ever find myself in Phoenix or Seattle on a Sunday morning. (FOOD)
Independent Lens The Calling is a film which explores America's next generation of religious leaders in the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths. The documentary chronicles their transformation from students to ordained religious professionals; and explores the factors that are drawing young people to serve their communities and their faiths. (PBS, part 1 of 2)
The Closer Part 1 of 2. The team's holiday plans are potentially ruined when a long-standing feud results in a stabbing on Christmas Eve and the death of a patriarch. Especially irritated is Brenda, whose parents (Frances Sternhagen, Barry Corbin) have arrived for the holidays and come bearing special news. Mary McDonnell reprises her role as Capt. Raydor. (TNT)

10:00 PM

Keeping Up with the Kardsashians The Kardashians look back at their favorite moments from the series and view some previously unaired footage. (E!)
Men of a Certain Age Joe dates two women at the same time and is at odds on how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Terry and a fellow salesman compete to sell the most cars by day's end; and Owen tries to stop his father from discrediting his authority at the dealership. (TNT)
Perfect Couples It's a sneak peak of a new NBC sitcom, which is sure to be canceled anyway, about three couples struggling with their relationships, so, like normal people Dave and Julia get dolled up for a night on the town; Amy worries that Vance isn't ready to commit; and Rex and Leigh have trouble adjusting to Italy's time difference. I swear, all of those things happened to me this very week. (NBC)
Tabitha's Salon Takeover Tabatha tries to ensure that a mismanaged Houston hair salon doesn't curl up and dye. Among the establishment's problems: the five owners are feuding, their customer service is dreadful and the salon is behind in rent. (BRAVO)
True Life Profiling three albino people who were born with no pigment in their skin, hair or eyes. How MTV can think that their "serious" programming can be taken, uh, seriously while they jam in Jersey Shore promos is beyond me, but whatever. (MTV)

Who's on the Late Night Couches Tonight?

Conan: Aaron Eckhart, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Beach House (TBS)
The Daily Show: Ricky Gervais (Comedy Central, repeat)
The Colbert Report: Frank Stella, Shepard Fairey, Andres Serrano, Steve Martin (Comedy Central, repeat)
Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kevin Spacey, Olivia Wilde, Goo Goo Dolls (ABC, repeat)
Lopez Tonight: Xzibit, a performance from Cirque Du Soleil's "Mystere" (TBS)
Chelsea Lately Diddy-Dirty Money, Brad Wollack, Whitney Cummings, Kevin Hart (E!)
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Larry King, Garrett Hedlund, Pink Martini (NBC)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Jason Segel, Hailee Steinfeld (NBC)
Last Call with Carson Daly Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Metalocalypse, Jimmy Eat World (NBC, repeat)
Late Show with David Letterman: Jack Black, Marv Albert (CBS)
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Kristin Davis, Dick Cavett (CBS)