"Did a lot of girls contact you and your brother after the movie?" Newsweek asked Social Network villain Tyler Winklevoss. His response was a series of flustered giggles and awkward stammering.

After fielding questions about why he uses Facebook ("If you had a lawsuit against windshield wipers, you wouldn't not use windshield wipers"), and his depiction in The Social Network ("Overall we were pleased with our portrayal"), Tyler Winklevoss takes on Newsweek's question about girls:

[Laughs] Um… uh. We've been, uh, we've been pretty busy. Uh… I'd prefer not to comment on that. No… I don't know. Yeah, I'd prefer not to go there. Is this for Newsweek?

Yes, but perhaps you've heard of Newsweek's new web division, The Daily Sex Beast? They're into twins.

Query: Do all questions posed in the first-person singular really elicit first-person plural responses from the Winklevii? [Newsweek via Daily Intel, Image of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (L to R) via Getty]