We met Aaron Jamison last April, when he was selling ads on his cremation urn to help his wife pay medical bills connected to his terminal cancer. Many of you chipped in to help him. He has a small request.

Aaron writes:

You've helped out so much in the past with your Gawker.com posts about our story. Right now we're trying to collect photos of my "Choose Joy!" bracelets "involved" with some kind of inanimate objects! (You'll see examples in the photo album.)

I just spent the last week in the hospital with the doctors trying to get my pain under control. Looks as if it's working. But, as my oncologist says, "We're in the home stretch." There's not much else we can do, nor am I ready to keep trying so hard. You can read my blog and get the idea.

You really need to know how much your posts, and follow ups, have meant to me. It's important for me to make sure people embrace joy whenever they can. It's all I can do at this point. (Sorry I'm babbling. Lots of drugs you know?)

Again, may your holidays be filled with happiness, warmth and joy!


Aaron's Facebook page is here, and his blog is here. Merry Christmas.