20! How about we kick it off with one of the hottest actors working in show business today? A great year for Donald Glover.

19! Who could forget Old Spice's amazing ad campaign at earlier this year, first with it's absurd and hilarious TV ads, followed by it's ingenious social media responses? It would not have been possible wihout it's dashing, unforgettable pitchman, Isaiah Mustafa.

18! Rob Huebel! A consistently funny twitterer.

17! Ditto.

16! Who knew Roger Ebert would be such a candid twitterer?

15! The logic doesn't necessarily follow, but we love Bill Maher's passion and outrage.

14! Ever since Steve Martin started tweeting in September he's been a comedic freight train, logging over 1700 tweets in mere months.

13! (presented without comment)

12! Ouch! We threw a curveball at you.

11! We started to see a lot more sponsored tweets in 2010, because, well, why not.

10! We could fill this list with twenty Michael Ian Black tweets; he wins Funniest Twitterer Award.

9! Exactly. And what will 2011 hold?

8! Hey! Remember when Kanye West didn't have a Twitter, and then he had one solely to promote his album (only we didn't realize it at the time)? Well played; we miss Kanye's eccentric tweets.

7! Martha put her stamp on Halloween like a boss.

6! Good year for Anthony Jeselnik, whose comedy album is making many year-end best-of lists. Yes, the jokes are all as offensive as this.

5! What a year for Conan O'Brien! Jumping on the Twitter bandwagon after... well, you know what happened.

4! Soothsayer and unstoppable force Stephen Colbert asks for an award in June, receives an award (Golden Tweet Award) at the end of the year. He might take over the world some day.

3! How can we leave out the flagrant writings of 50 Cent? Nope, we can't.

2! This guy ran for South Carolina Senate. He didn't win. A couple days later he tweeted this. Are you in stitches with laughter? You should be.

1! Louis CK found out that his hatred of Sarah Palin was great for publicity. Even after he deleted his booze-induced, on-flight rant "@SarahPalinUSA kudos to your dirty hole, you fucking jackoff cunt-face jazzy wondergirl" he found ways to dig into the former Governor and boost his follower count. Hooray for killing two birds with one stone!