Well, it seems like we're not the only ones who think the new Spider-Man musical needs to be put down before it hurts anyone else. Two Broadway stars have weighed in, in dramatic fashion, against the show. As have investors.

Tony winner Alice Ripley (Next to Normal) ranted on Twitter in typically crazy fashion:

Meanwhile, perpetual Rent star Adam Pascal went onto his Facebook (at a suspicious 3:10 in the morning...) and undid any hope of ever working with Julie Taymor:

Yay, drama! Meanwhile a little closer down toward Earth, the New York Post quotes an anonymous investor as saying "This is a disaster. We should cut our losses and just get out."

So, things are not sounding good for the web-slinging wonder. Though maybe ultimately the scandal and accidents will be good for the show. As one 23-year-old told the Post, "I hope no one else gets hurt, but it is part of the allure of going."

And there you have it.

[Photo via AP]