Today at Gawker.TV get excited to watch the most excited Price is Right contestant ever, meet a 34 year-old woman addicted to eating toilet paper and listen to Bill O'Reilly complain about Joy Behar's scandalous holiday card.

1. Watch the Most Excited Price is Right Contestant Ever
Game show contestants are generally kinda nuts, but this girl really takes crazy to a new level. Although we usually find this kind of behavior to be annoying, she is actually rather endearing. A collection of her freak outs inside.

2. Meet a 34 Year Old Woman Addicted to Eating Toilet Paper
Meet Kesha, she's 34 years old and she loves eating toilet paper. Seriously, a bulky roll with 2-ply she can take out in about a day.

3. Bill O'Reilly is Outraged And Titillated by Joy Behar's Holiday Card
Today the ladies of The View discussed Bill O'Reilly's Outrage at Joy Behar's holiday card that features an obvious photoshop job of Joy and O'Reilly in passionate embrace. But it's not their embrace that bothers O'Reilly.

4. Reese Witherspoon Loves Animals but Won't Milk Her Goats
Reese Witherspoon lives on a barn and has a veritable nursery rhyme's worth of farm animals around, like chickens, pigs and donkeys. As she explained to Chelsea Handler last night, she loves them but she draws the line at milking goats.

5. Kristen Schaal Reveals a New Pron Name Generator on Conan
The classic way to determine one's porn name is childhood pet plus street you grew up on. Apparently, Kristen Schaal has grown tired of this and came up with a great new method. It works out perfectly for Conan.