Grab a cup of cheer, wise men and women … it's time to start following yonder all-stars. We're live-blogging tonight's Top Chef episode in the comments, and you're invited to join us. So be there, with bells on!

Here's how this festivity functions, in case you haven't come a-wassailing with us before: We all watch the show together—which airs on Bravo at 10 p.m.—and post a group commentary on what we see in the comments section. It helps to drink and be merry, but peace and good will are strictly optional.

When the live blog gang parted at the end of last week's episode, we'd just witnessed what commenter boricuaintexas dubbed "A Tale of Two Dales": One Dale (Talde) won the elimination challenge and a trip to New Zealand. The other Dale (Levitsky) had to pack his sass and go, which made several of us sad, because we liked him. By contrast, his fellow eliminatee, the prissy necktie-wearer Stephen Asprinio, was not much liked and won't be missed.


Last week's live blog was certainly one of our better ones. Here's a sampling of a few of my favorite comments:

  • son of spam: I thought the Angry Lobster was a sex position. (I have it on my bucket list.)
  • Fry_Bread_Power: Stephen vs. the blender: Only one can win...
  • Brian Moylan: Why is Jamie obsessed with soup? Is her last name Campbell? Is her lesbian lover Dinty Moore?
  • pjsparkles26: Does anyone actually want to see Yogi Bear 3D?
  • DennyCrane: @pjsparkles26: I'd like to see Sarah Palin shoot it from a helicopter.
  • Cletar: Veal, peanuts and popcorn … It's like he made clown vomit.
  • Sugar Boots: I kind of want to hit Guy Fieri. No reason in particular.
  • katekate is squared: @Sugar Boots: Watch the hair—it's tipped with poison.

And here's a sampling of a few moments to watch for on tonight's episode, based on what I saw in the preview clips:


  • The chefs will be forced to prepare food without using any utensils, which will lead to some entertaining moments of bare-handed food-mangling—and to Fabio's discovery of cheese-grating method that's both clever and slightly disgusting.
  • Carla will hack off half her fingernail in the kitchen—an injury that will make Jamie's recent knife mishap look like paper-cut by comparison. Unlike Jamie, however, Carla will reject any notion of going to the hospital, opting instead to wrap up her mangled finger keep on cooking, because Carla is awesome.
  • A tennis event will be featured. I suggest we drink whenever someone makes a pun about "serving."
  • Gail will complain that one chef's offering is "a little bit flaccid," continuing the Top Chef tradition of sexually suggestive food critiques. Remember when Padma praised the sensation of feeling "a little prick" on the tip of her tongue?

OK, revelers, it's nearly time to get this Web-wassail underway. Hie thee to the comments section! The live blog will commence anon!

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