It's that time of year again to gather around the computer with friends and family to share some of the funniest, heartwarming, and most memorable Christmas videos of the holiday season. Even Grandma will like these.

1. Santa Claus Is a Gay Couple Living in Chelsea
Hundreds of kids in New York City think that Santa Claus lives on West 22nd Street. He does not (he lives in the North Pole, duh)-these two guys do. But after receiving 450 letters, they're helping out anyway.

2. Antoine Dodson Performs "Chimney Intruder" on Lopez Tonight
Antoine Dodson became an overnight Internet sensation when his colorful appearance on a news report was auto-tuned. Tonight, he adapted the "Bed Intruder Song" into "Chimney Intruder" for George Lopez/Christmas. (Get it?!) It was bad-really bad.

3. Ungrateful Little Jerk Embodies America's Attitude Towards Reading
In this video, a tiny asshole who's just gotten a Wii and a bunch of other toys for Christmas freaks out when his parents dare to give him a book, a book, as well. This is why we're dumb, folks.

4. Texas Woman Creates Snow Globe Car For Christmas
Texan Rachelle Brown's house sits far enough off the main road her neighbors can't enjoy her Christmas lights, so instead she's taken her Toyota Corolla and created the snow globe car, complete with lights, snow, Santa and Frosty.

5. Why Hunting Shouldn't Be a Winter Sport
People have strong feelings about whether or not hunting animals is moral, but Dutch production company Cake Film has a slyly ironic and rather amusing video about how hunting during this time of year can be especially perilous. Enjoy!

6. Scenes from Star Wars Made Into Hilarious Christmas Special
Since the notoriously bad Star Wars Holiday Special is so hard to find, the site Gamervision decided to make one of their own, using original scenes from the film with new dialogue. It's the best holiday movie in the galaxy.

7. The 10 Best Musical Christmas Light Houses Ever
You may have thought you had the best Christmas lights in town, but unless you coordinated it to music, you're wrong. From High School Musical to Gustav Holst to death metal, these houses have you beat. Better luck next year!

8. 50 Cent's Tweets, As Read By Grandma
Can a sweet grandma (who seeming doesn't understand what "anal" is) make 50 Cent's tweets more palatable? No, but everyone loves it when elderly women say dirty stuff. See: Betty White.

9. What it's Like to be a Christmas Tree
We can all agree that Christmas trees are beautiful, but have we ever thought about how they feel during the holidays? Here is a video of what it's like to be a tree from a trees point of view.

10. Cute Kid Christmas Fail at the Airport
As stated in his brief local news interview, this little boy has been waiting for Christmas for too long. He's a sweet kid, but none too bright when it comes to running into strollers.

Christmas Bonus!

And Now, a Video Montage of People Getting Puppies for Christmas
Have you dreamed of waking up to a puppy in a bow on Christmas morning? Maybe this year you'll be as lucky as the kids and adults in this montage of two and a half minutes of pure joy.

Dad Filmed his Kids Coming Down the Stairs for the Past 25 Christmases
This will melt your heart. Even as the kids get older, they pay heed to tradition, scooting down step by step to greet their father on Christmas morning. From 1985-2009. Video put together by the kid (grownup).

Teen Girls Wrongly Assume It's Okay to do Ke$ha Performance in Church
Oh my god cringe city. CRINGE CITY. These girls changed the lyrics from the trashy sin-celebrating "Tik Tok" to something more god-appeasing. But it's not okay. NOBODY IS AMUSED. Awkward, inappropriate teen sinners inside.