Nice guy Diddy is buying a model some new hair. Lil Wayne will do anything for love. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent Christmas apart. Does Courtney Cox really want David Arquette back? Post-Christmas Gossip Roundup is feeling generous.

  • The man who wrote the book on being a rap hype man, Sean "Diddy" Combs, is felling pretty bad about the live video seen by millions in which a woman's hair caught on fire in a bathtub at his record release party, so he's offered to shell out "whatever it takes" to repair the damage done. It should only cost about $1,000 for a new head of hair, though. [TMZ]
  • Rapper Lil Wayne, recently freed from Riker's Island, was seen with a woman outside The Setai residences in Miami, and was apparently so horny that "he hopped into her beat-up silver Toyota Camry and had his chaffeured Rolls-Royce follow," a Page Six "spy" says. Now that's love. [P6]
  • Courtney Cox was spotted at a party on Christmas Eve wearing her wedding ring while her estranged husband, totally awesome "actor" David Arquette, was spotted partying at bondage-lite Hollywood nightclub Voyeur. Srsly, Courtney? [Daily Mail]
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer's ageless husband, Freddie Prinze Jr, is being sued for somewhere around six-figures after rear-ending someone "suddenly and without warning" while driving Buffy's car back in 2009. Freddie's insurance company is apparently low-balling the other driver, so they reluctantly decided to sue. Time to have your agent call up the Hallmark Channel, buddy. Or ask Momma for the checkbook. [TMZ]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton spent Christmas apart! But fear not, Royal watchers — William was saving people with a helicopter search and rescue team, while Kate hung out with her family. They'll be spending New Year's Eve together, obviously. [People]
  • Tiger Woods spent Christmas Day at the Bunny Ranch Orlando Magic/Boston Celtics game, while Elin had the kids in Sweden. [Radar]
  • Justin Bieber's older woman, Selena Gomez, was spotted recently getting into the little man's tour bus... and she wasn't wearing her promise ring. What does it mean?! We don't know, and don't really want to. Sort of. [TMZ]
  • Jay Z spent a lot of money on Beyonce's Christmas gift. [P6]

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