Here's a trailer for the upcoming TNT series Falling Skies, a Steven Spielberg-produced alien invasion actioner starring Dr. Hotbritches McPrivateschool himself, Noah Wyle. It looks like The Walking Dead meets V, so nerds will be pleased. Or will they?

I'm sure they've still got some work to do on the show, seeing as it doesn't premiere until next summer, but lord do the special effects in this trailer look kinda crappy. And there doesn't seem to be much that differentiates it from any other alien invasion movie or show. So who knows, maybe this show will come and go faster than the women's restroom line at Comic Con. (This is fast. There are no women there, only slobbish Funyun boys, clearly.)

The Noah Wyle factor is interesting if vaguely depressing. One minute you're the young sexy doctor on America's hottest show, the next you're doing movies about a magical librarian who lives with Dracula in King Solomon's mines and then doing a chintzy looking alien show. I mean, those magic librarian movies were entertaining, and Falling Skies could be explodey fun, and Wyle is still very much Dr. Trustfund von Cutebottom, but still.... y'know? Y'know?