This supposed FBI probe into Christine O'Donnell's campaign finances is the best thing that ever happened to her! It gets her back on teevee, see, to describe the cabal of George Soros and Joe Biden loyalists working to destroy her.

The failed Delaware Senate candidate blames this "ginned-up" probe on ex-Biden staffer Melanie Sloan, outgoing head of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a George Soros-funded outfit which has raised complaints about her use of campaign funds for rent and other personal expenses. This is something that Christine O'Donnell openly says she did, and it's illegal if it's the whole point of your fundraising activities over the course of three straight (2006, 2008, 2010) stupid senatorial bids. She doesn't address the substance of these CREW complaints, but does say something about a disgruntled ex-staffer who writes dirty things about her on Facebook (?) and is probably with the Bidenista-Soros axis of leftist hell goblins.

This fameball is surprisingly resilient.

Happy New Year, Christine O'Donnell!