Don't Tweet Photos of Katy Perry with No Makeup and Other New Year's Resolutions

Russell Brand is in trouble! Marc Anthony is in debt! Brad Pitt is in the hospital! (Not for anything serious... unless you consider charity serious, which I do.) Friday's gossip is ringing in the new year!

  • Foreigner comedian Russell Brand, who is married to American song-and-dance woman Katy Perry, Tweeted a picture of his wife without makeup and also looking sort of surprised. He quickly took the picture down and probably is in a lot of trouble even though she does not really look all that bad in the end. [Daily Mail]

  • Salsa singer Marc Anthony owes the feds like three million bucks. Great job paying your shit on time, Marc Anthony. [NYDN]

  • Alien famous couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie visited the great state of Missouri after Christmas and kicked it at the Pediatric Center. [People]

  • The muscular steroid-infected children of Alex Rodriguez prefer blonde actress Kate Hudson to blonde actress Cameron Diaz, in terms of "who's having sex with dad." [Us]

  • Scream star David Arquette was dressed like a clown at a party in Miami, which is, like, isn't he always dressed like a clown? [P6]

  • Famous person Kourtney Kardashian and her weird-looking husband Scott Disick weren't talking at dinner, maybe because he freaked out at a photographer or maybe because they are boring people. [P6]

  • Diddy, a man who raps and produces raps, chartered a big boat for his whole family in St. Barts. [P6]

  • The Russian guy who owns the Nets is in the French Alps for Kwanzaa, surrounded by 13 babes and probably other rich people stuff like motorcycles. [P6]

  • NYPD Special Victims Unit detective Fin Tutuola thinks that Kanye West is a human being and an artist. He thinks his wife, whose name is Coco, is a Ferrari. [P6]

  • Guitar strummin' guy John Cougar Mellencamp is splitting up with his wife, Elaine Cougar Mellencamp. They're not getting a divorce. [TMZ]

  • Prime Minister of America Oprah Winfrey cannot poop in public because someone might record her while she is pooping. [TMZ]