While the rest of us forgot that television programming really existed over the past few weeks, The Soup was busy with their annual Clipdown of the year's best moments in television. The clip of the year? Here's a hint: Dunka-doo-balls!

Number five honors went to the drunken "f*ck those Hills tramps" rant by Audrina Patridge's mother. Number four came from Tool Academy's Angelo—and his overly-sensitive, teary ways. Third place highlights Ma (from Ma's Roadhouse) who's probably television's oldest broad still alive and kickin'. Second place honors go to Tyra Banks, who crawled around like a dog foaming at the mouth on Tyra. Can you believe it's only been a half of a year since Tyra was on the air? How we miss it.

And now, the clip that The Soup has deemed the best of 2010.


We couldn't agree more. Dunka-doo-balls, everyone!