The Way We Live Now: launching headfirst into whatever might be in front of us. Brick wall? Glass window? Wheel of fortune? All of the above! The point is that we're exhibiting economic optimism. If that's bad, well, kill us.

On one side you have Andrew Cuomo coming out and telling state workers that he's going to freeze their pay for a year. On the other side you have governors in the majority of American states glooming and dooming about how tough times are ahead. On the third side you have public libraries "shelving" (HA) a ton of services. On which side do you have the successful dynamic entrepreneurialism, then?

It ain't in the public sector, obviously!

Private investment is the key to American exceptionalistic successes, therefore, obviously, obviously. Government is for losers. The winners are those out there, on Wall Street, "bearing" the risks and reaping the rewards, while mediocre teacher types whine about a pay freeze that, let's be honest, robs them of what, a couple thousand bucks? Get over it! Big US companies are spending again, and if you're not there to grab a piece of that pie rapaciously with your talon-like money pincers, then I just don't know what to tell you. Investors are absolutely overheating! Burning up! Becoming nothingness! The opportunities are that hot!

Public service? More like public nervous!

[Photo: Flickr]