Jake Denham, a 14-year-old kid from Portland, Ore., got separated from his mother while skiing in below-freezing temperatures on Mt. Bachelor. Luckily, Jake watches survival reality show Man Vs. Wild—and used his reality TV-derived knowledge to survive.

[There was a video here]

(Video from KOHD)

Thanks to the tutelage of Man Vs. Wild host Bear Grylls, Jake knew to build a snow bank to keep warm, and to follow the North Star, until he was rescued "in good condition" (that's right below "mint") by the ski patrol.

Anyway, this just proves what we have been saying forever, which is that reality TV is really good for you. Think of all the lessons you have learned! Like, if you are stranded somewhere in a cooking competition, don't try to make a foam. Or if you are trapped in a prefab mansion in New Jersey, follow the sound of ham being thrown, and you can get to the kitchen. See? Educational!