Castle gets to live out a secret fantasy as the actress playing his hit character Nikki Heat shadows and mimics Det. Beckett. Unfortunately, it's not long until her mannerisms get just a little too creepy for Beckett to handle.

Unsurprisingly, Castle wasn't all that happy to hear that a career scream queen was to play his beloved Nikki Heat, a character he based off of Detective Beckett. It doesn't help that she's totally unimpressed by him or that he wrote the source material for her newest movie. To top it all off, she hasn't even read any his books!

At first, it seems like Beckett and Natalie Rhodes are getting along fabulously. Then, it starts getting a little weird. Little things pop up here and there that would drive any sane person to slap her well before Beckett loses it. It's one thing to observe and take notes on her behavior, but when you start stealing Beckett's thunder AND her coffee? Now you've crossed the line.


Oh no! She's stolen her man too! Well, not really, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if all her other fears were justified.

With her intuition and observational skills, she nailed Beckett and Castle's entire relationship to a tee, but apparently can't handle the fact that there exists some man out there that doesn't want to sleep with her. So every man that says "No" to her is automatically gay? Sorry Natalie, maybe he's just not that into you.