A slow clap for the writers that work on How I Met Your Mother. This episode tackled an array of tough subjects (being infertile, losing a parent) with a touching episode complete with a hidden message running through it.

First up, we have Robin starting her career. On her first day, she discovers that her new boss is actually her old co-anchor, who remembers her embarrassing moment of falling in a pile of poo mid-broadcast. Already the butt of the joke, her new co-workers do a little research and find a goldmine.


But enough about Robin's pretty-girl, i-used-to-be-famous issues. The heart of the episode revolved around Lily and Marshall getting tested to discover if they can, in fact, have a child together. Lily gets a clean bill of health, leaving Marshall to ponder whether it's his sperm that's to blame and causes him to avoid his father (his best friend) because of his predicament.

By the end of the episode, we learn that Marshall's sperm is fine and he heads to MacLaren's to celebrate. Then Lily arrives with some bad news.

...and let the tears begin. Even more impressive: the writers have written in a countdown from 50 from the very beginning of the episode to the end, when Marshall's father passes away.


Our friend at Pop Culture Brain has compiled a few of these screen shots that show some of the references to the different numbers. If you have the chance, go back and re-watch the episode to see how many of the number references you can catch. As he put it, "Your move, Community."