Courage theories! Sea drugs! Self-doubt conquering! Multi-species jet lag! True hair colors! The fattest place on earth! Dumb babies! And rovers that just won't quit! It's your Tuesday Science Watch, where we watch science—while "doing the robot," with words!

  • Courage: where does it come from? It comes from guns. Science thinks it comes from somewhere else though (didn't read).
  • You might have known that the sea is full of fish. But did you know that the sea is also full of breast cancer drugs? The sea, magical, mysterious, etc.
  • Struggling to overcome deep-seated self doubt? A new school of therapy holds that the key is "observing your critical thoughts without judging them." Uh sure, or you could try observing your critical thoughts and judging them to be stupid. These self-help types! They burn me up!
  • Don't feel bad about those long-flight blues: Hey, even molds can suffer jet lag! Who cares though, seriously?
  • Dutch scientists have developed a DNA test that can tell a person's natural hair color with 90% accuracy. The other 10% is Dick Clark! Hahaha. (Or something about curtains matching the drapes).
  • Yes, we know where the fattest place on earth is. But out of politeness we're just going to kind of raise our eyebrows subtly in the direction of this link, and then move on to other topics.
  • "Babies are smart," begins this article by a psychologist, at which point I immediately stopped reading in disgust.
  • The robot Mars rover Opportunity is still working just fine, seven years after landing there, on Mars. It's like, get over yourself already.

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