Tonight Patti had a kooky plus-sized millionairess and a millionaire with commitment issues. While John was interesting, Robin stole the show with her hilarious comments and straight forward taste in men.

Robin concentrated on superficial qualities when describing her perfect man to Patti, but team Millionaire Matchmaker thought Robin needed a wake-up call. While it is definitely true Robin had some shallow moments, does it make it okay for the matchmakers to scrutinize her weight the way they did?

In the end, Robin picked the "wrong" guy, but their date was one of the most ridiculous yet. It may seem easy to question Robin's appearance-driven motives, but they're met ten-fold by her date's readiness to be a gold digger.


Meredith Fineman of Fifty First JDates interviewed Robin for the Huffington Post, and talks a little about Patti calling her "delusional".