Camille Grammer wants out of the Real Housewives franchise, Kathy Griffin walks away from My Life on the D List, a Mr. Show reunion, and Discovery teams up with the Catholic church for a reality series.

Image via Hotel For Cats.

In TV News...

  • Exactly 9,078 people played the Lost numbers in yesterday's Mega Millions lottery, allowing them each to collect $100. BUT DON'T THEY KNOW THE NUMBERS ARE BAD LUCK?! [TV Squad]
  • Bizarre television programming of the day: Discovery is teaming up with the Catholic Church for The Exorcist Files. The show will dive into the church's investigations of hauntings and demonic possessions. [TV Squad]
  • Debra Messing will head over to Law & Order: SVU for an episode that will air during February sweeps. She'll play a "ballsy television journalist" whose on a trail to catch pedophiles. [TV Guide
  • Saturday Night Live's Bill Hader and John Mulaney have signed on to star in a series of comedic (yet informative) web videos for VW. I look forward to what they come up with, but hope it's along the lines of the "Oh, Hello!" videos. [Live From New York, It's Saturday Night]
  • HIMYM's Carter Bays spoke about Monday night's very talked-about episode. Said he, "I thought it would be a thing you notice three viewings in, but I guess it was a little more visible than we intended." So in today's age of DVR's, rewinding, downloading, and immediate-.gif-making, you're surprised people caught it? C'mon. [TV Squad]
  • Get ready for a Mr. Show reunion, everyone! Bob Odenkirk has announced the cast of Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy, which will feature David Cross, Rainn Wilson, and himself. [The Wrap]
  • Man Vs. Wild with everyone's favorite survivor-guy Bear Grylls will return on February 17th. [Discovery]
  • Kathy Griffin has decided to walk away from her Bravo show, My Life on the D List. Don't worry about Kathy, though—she'll have four more comedy specials airing quarterly on Bravo this year. [Zap2it]
  • In one of those announcements that makes you ask, "Why?", Hot in Cleveland and All My Children are teaming up for some crossover episodes. Sadly, Betty White won't appear on the soap, but Wendie Malick plans to tear up Pine Valley for awhile, it seems. [Inside TV]
  • Here's a look at the cover for the comic book about NBC's The Cape. [io9]
  • Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson will co-host the Writers Guild Awards this year. [THR]
  • Oh no! Rumors are swirling that Camille Grammer doesn't want to return if there's a second season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Awww, but that takes all of the fun out of it! [TV Guide]
  • An ode to Gossip Girl's best fashion moments in 2010. Wardrobe envy much? [The Fashion Spot]

Around the Web...

  • You won't read a funnier piece about Max Fisher Jason Schwartzman becoming a father than here. [Hipster Runoff]
  • Snooki would like you to call her by her real name now that she's a "published author." [Gawker]
  • OMG! How to make brownies in only three minutes. [A Look Beneath The Skull]
  • Here's Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone making out—on the set of Spiderman, of course. [Vulture]
  • Some guy in Cincinnati used Groupon to propose to his fiance. [Mashable]
  • Starbucks has a new logo. Well, really it's the same old logo, but without the words "Starbucks Coffee." Whatever, I'll still drink it. [Seattle PI]
  • Would you call 2010 the year of the meme? [Uproxx]
  • Here's how your favorite TV characters are spending their winter break. [Pleated-Jeans]
  • Lea Michele is the latest celebrity to hop on the PETA train. [Media Decoder]
  • The first image of 30 Minutes or Less has surfaced! It starts Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari. Yeah, you should be interested with that cast. [Splitsider]