Today we heard about the making of a movie based on a popular sleepover game, the Ouija board. We made a joke about another couple possible sleepover movies, but one commenter took it to a place far greater.

My suggestions: Light As a Feather, Stiff As a Board and Putting Weirdo Margie Bargie's Hand in Warm Water While She Sleeps Then Feeling Kinda Bad When She Actually Does Pee Herself.

From MurielPuce:

I'm looking forward to McG's inevitable prequel to the Sleepover trilogy: "Sobbing Angrily In A Minivan On The Way Over To Vanessa's House Because Your Mom Is A CHEAP BITCH Who Is Making You Bring That Horrible Sleeping Bag FOR BABIES That Nana Bought You Like THREE CHRISTMASES AGO, And Even Margie Bargie Doesn't Have A My Little Pony Sleeping Bag, And You Hate Margie Bargie and Your Mom So Much, And It's No Wonder Dad Lives in Aunt Marlene's Basement Now, And You Are Going To Tell Everyone At The Sleepover That Margie Bargie Looked At You Funny While You Were Changing Into Your Pajamas, Or Maybe Squirt Ketchup On Her Sleeping Bag And Say It's Period Blood, And That Way Maybe No One Will Make Fun Of Your Sleeping Bag That You Secretly Still Love Even If It Is Meant for Stupid Babies."

I would definitely see this movie.