Time was not on the cheftestants' side tonight. Chef Colicchio challenged the cheftestants to match his time by cooking a dish in mere minutes. The time crunch continued during a dim sum inspired elimination challenge. Watch the clock tick inside.

After eight seasons of Top Chef, we finally see head judge Tom Colicchio put his cooking skills to the test. Watch Chef Colicchio impressively execute a flawless Black Sea Bass dish in exactly 8:37 minutes.

While Chef Colicchio's rapid fire cooking skills are impressive, the cheftestants have to match his quickness and execute a fully-cooked dish. And no phoning it in with crudo or tartare.


The All-Stars must continue cooking at this speed during the elimination challenge, where they must carry out dim sum service in a Chinatown restaurant. Save for Dale and Angelo, most cheftestants were way outside of their comfort zone. In this clip, Fabio is especially culture-shocked when he see a tank filled with turtles at the Chinatown supermarket.

At the restaurant, things don't get any better for the All-Stars. Service is crummy and the diners are hungry and angry. They don't hold back either as they berate the cheftestants.


In the end, it really comes down to what Colicchio said at the start of the show, "People come to the restaurant for the food, but they come back for the service." And, well, in that case all these chefs failed.