Dr. Charles Bizilj took his eight-year-old son to a gun show two years ago. There, he videotaped his son's death, as the boy lost control while trying to test-fire an Uzi. Today, Bizilj is testifying in court. It is awful.

From the AP:

Dr. Charles Bizilj (buh-SEEL'), of Ashford, Conn., testified Thursday that he was videotaping his son Christopher firing the gun when he disappeared from the viewfinder.

Bizilj said he then saw Christopher on the ground and ran to him. He said his son's eyes were open, but he did not respond. When he reached to pick him up, Bizilj said he saw part of the boy's skull was missing.

Earlier today, a friend testified that the father (pictured) "selected the machine guns and ammunition for his children to fire." (His 11 year-old son had safely fired the Uzi before Christopher tried it.) The viewing of the actual videotape of Christopher's death is still to come.

The police chief who organized the gun show is on trial for involuntary manslaughter. Charles Bizilj is not being charged.