Today we looked at the ever-growing empire of The Snooki, from Jersey Shore. The Snooki is everywhere! It's writing books, making TV appearances, and trademarking its name like crazy. One commenter wondered why it didn't snatch up more Snooki-related trademarks.

From TittiBar:

What, these were already taken?

Snooki of the Year: An annual award

Snooki Cutter: What every baker needs

Playin' Snooki: Take the day off to go get drunk on the beach(?)

Snooki, Snooki there goes Tookie

Snooki Wilson: GETS BY BUCKNER!

Snooki-aki: a line of Japanese food

Another bride, another groom
The countryside is all in bloom;
The flow'rs 'n trees is,
The birds and bees is
Making Snooki.

Now you play. What else should it have trademarked? How about "Awwww Snooki Snooki now."?