Lisa's permanent house guest Cedric is usually just as entertaining as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but tonight we saw another side. Cedric isn't just Lisa's hot live-in help, he shared emotional details about his mysterious past.

On the show, Lisa seems like a genuinely nice and hardworking person-and is often the voice of reason among the ladies. The fact that a hot dude lived with she and her husband was just a funny quirk about Lisa's life. Tonight Cedric opened up a little about how he came to live with Lisa, and it was definitely not a typical Housewives story.

Later, Kyle threw her annual White Party for Mauricio's 40th birthday. There was some solid dancing and lots of white dresses, but the highlight was Camille's gift to Kyle.


There wasn't too much action on the show tonight, but it looks like Camille and Kelsey get divorced next week!