Well, whew. We were getting worried about Sammi Sweetheart, who seems to be straggling behind her Jersey Shore cohorts in lining up endorsement deals and other, general, empire-building activities.

"Of course, Sammi recently launched her Celebrity Fast Card; users fork over $2.99 to receive a videotaped message from the reality personality," notes PopCrunch. "Aside from that, Sammi "has nothing going on," an insider tells Life & Style Weekly."

Well, it's time to eat your words, tabloid weekly! Sammi Sweetheart has lined up one of the most-coveted celeb deals around-her very own fragrance! Called Dangerous Perfume, there's both a men's and women's version. Set to launch later this spring, anyone who absolutely cannot wait to get a whiff of Sammi can pre-order a 1.7 oz vial for an, um, undisclosed price (We actually just entered our information in the order form and clicked "submit." Now we're waiting for a call back from a sales representative... Um.)

Republished with permission from Racked.com. Authored by Danica Lo. Photo via Getty Images.