Yesterday Ellen Weiss, the NPR executive who called Juan Williams to fire him after the once-respected newsman spoke about his fear of airplane passengers in "Muslim garb," resigned. NPR's CEO's also being punished. Who comes out looking worst? Juan Williams.

This was the reaction to the news yesterday from Williams, who's now comfortably ensconced in a multimillion-dollar Fox News gig:

"I think it is good news for NPR if they can get someone who I think has been the keeper of a flame of liberal orthodox out of NPR...I think she represented a very ingrown, incestuous culture in that institution that's not open to not only different ways of thinking but angry at the fact that I would even talk or be on my mind, this is good news for NPR for people who care about news in America."

Then he said NPR has "a culture that is not open to real news." He said this on Fox News. Congratulations, Juan Williams. You have—as predicted—officially become a farce. That's sad.

Meanwhile, over at NPR, CEO Vivian Schiller's had her annual bonus canceled by the board as a rebuke for the poor way she handled Williams' firing. The consensus from within NPR is that Weiss was forced out, though she probably doesn't think it was fair; she told James Rainey that "the decision to terminate the Juan Williams contract by NPR, of which I was a participant, was based on the highest journalistic standards."

If Juan Williams was smart he would quit Fox News immediately. When you're digging yourself into a hole, Juan, stop digging.

[Photo: AP]