The cast of Jersey Shore is back for another season of Oscar Award winning fist-pumps, hook-ups and fist-fights. Meet brand-new roommate Deena who, by the way, we've already seen naked.

In this new season, the cast returns to their natural habitat- the Jersey Shore. the most intriguing thing about this new season is new cast-mate, Deena. Angelina has retreated back to the Staten Island dump from whence she came and now we have Deena, an old friend of Snooki's. Obviously, the producers of Jersey Shore felt that one four-foot tall, loud-spoken, drunken guidette was not enough for one show and that it was time to add another. Except this Snooki has a much hotter body and a greater inclination to take her clothes off at inappropriate times.

[There was a video here]

That's right. Deena takes her pants off in an attempt to romance The Situation. Even The Situation thinks this is a little bit gross and holds off on the inevitable smoosh. Later in the evening, Deena tells Snooki she "accidentally" took her pants off in front of The Situation. Oh, okay. It was just an accident. People do that all the time when they meet new people. No biggie. I'm sure everybody in the house will forget about it by tomorrow.

Before that happens though, Deena attempts to romance The Situation a second time. She stumbles on top of him while he's talking to Sammi and Ronnie. Sammi looks on at the drunken Deena and giggles. Deena, of course, notices this perceived slight and confronts Sammi before going downstairs to talk trash about her to Snooki and Jwoww- something Ronnie overhears. What follows is a meltdown of epic proportions:

[There was a video here]

What starts out as just an innocent giggle at the new girl's attempts to seduce Mike becomes an all out-blowout featuring (another!) fist fight between Sammi and Jwoww. One episode into the new season and the entire house is at odds with each other.

Doesn't this episode remind you of the first episode of the entire series? When Snooki gets way too drunk makes a fool of herself in front of the whole cast? That's exactly what happens with Deena in this episode. What we've got on our hands here is another Snooki in the house. Can our favorite guidos survive two Snookis in one house? Welcome back to the Shore, friends, this season is proving to be much meatier and much juicer than the last.