There are so many new members of Congress this year — and some of them are even attractive, by Washington standards! We've studied them all and plucked only the "sexiest." And your Gawker editors have scored them, to boot.

"Hot" means quite a different thing for members of Congress than it does for regular human beings. Keep in mind that the average member of Congress is a sickly 90-year-old wart frog, and judge "hot" against that. Also: Some of these people aren't hot in any way. But we thought you'd like to see pictures of them anyway.

Each scorer rated the "hotties" on a 0 to 10 scale, and these scores were converted into an average. (There were no guidelines for the scores, in case you were wondering.) And Gawker's honorable scorers were Richard Lawson, John Cook, Adrian Chen, Brian Moylan, Remy Stern, Maureen O'Connor, Hamilton Nolan, and Jim Newell.

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