The New York Times has an entire article (in the education section!) about how college students have naked sex webcam chats with their long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend. College students are practically spending all of their time sex chatting.

Yes, many college students are mutually masturbating on Skype, or sending each other nasty text messages on their iPhones, with their long-distance partners. (OK, they probably talk about stuff, too.) Apparently, this is helping more long-distance couples stay together. Long-distance couples that would rather video-chat with their boring old high school boyfriend rather than wade into the vast sea of casual sex that is college. Nerds, that is.

Update: This post originally mentioned one of the couples in the Times article, giving the impression that they were sex video chatting. This was inaccurate—they were just talking. We shouldn't have dragged a couple of random college students into a post that was aimed at poking fun at a made-up Times trend.

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