In a post-fight interview, UFC fighter Jacob Volkmann was asked who he wanted to fight next. "Obama," he said. "Someone's got to knock some sense into that idiot." The next week he was questioned by the Secret Service.

Volkmann gave the interview after winning his fight in Las Vegas. At around 3:00 in the video above he calls out Obama because he's angry about the health care bill. No big deal, right? The Secret Service didn't think so! A few days later, an agent showed up at the Minnesota high school where Volkmann coaches wrestling.

From the Pioneer Press:

The Secret Service agent told Volkmann he was there because of what he'd said in Las Vegas. The agent was holding a picture of Volkmann and a transcript of his interview, Volkmann said.

"He told me he was embarrassed to be there," Volkmann said.

When the agent asked if Volkmann planned to go to Washington to harm the president, Volkmann said no - he couldn't even afford a plane ticket.

The meeting lasted about three minutes, Volkmann said.

It's the nightmare scenario: Volkmann could secretly schedule a Volkmann-Obama fight, kidnap Obama, force him to do a radio morning show publicity blitz, then fight him at Caesar's palace on Pay-Per-View. [via Instapundit]