Wal-Mart, unsated by every last drop of Middle America's lifeblood, plans to break into the NYC market, whether we like it or not. Today, the company rolls out its all-powerful propaganda tool: a website! Bow before its persuasive powers!

Wal-Mart has already announced that it will skip the New York City Council hearings dedicated to Wal-Mart. But hey: they have this website. They already know what The People think. "Don't Just Take Our Word For It," says WalMartNYC.com, "New Yorkers Want Wal-Mart."

"As a shopper, I say that unions destroy companies. I go to union stores and there is no one to help you. Go to non-union stores and there are workers all over the place. Do you have any idea how many jobs New York City Walmarts would create? Keeping these stores out of New York leaves all the more jobs and money for us here in New Jersey. Just look at all the New York cars on Saturday and Sunday over here. Unions are doing a good job for the working people - of New Jersey."
John Bond, Fairfield, NJ Resident
New York Post 09/02/10

There you have it: residents of Fairfield, New Jersey demand that Wal-Mart build a store in New York City—and that that store not be unionized. The Wal-Mart corporation hears your demands loud and clear, John Bond of Fairfield, NJ! Rest assured that Wal-Mart will wage a multimillion dollar advertising and lobbying campaign that will not cease until a thoroughly non-unionized, anti-union, union-busting Wal-Mart outlet has been erected here in the five boroughs! If that's what it takes to satisfy John Bond of Fairfield, NJ, then that is what Wal-Mart will do. No price is too high to satisfy Wal-Mart's valued customers—particularly if that customer is Fairfield, NJ's John Bond, Grand Ruler and Determiner of All Zoning and Construction Decisions in The New York City Metropolitan Area.