Today we looked at a guy who really, really wants a Walmart to open in New York City. Though as one commenter warned us, Walmarts in densely populated areas can devolve into hellish misery dens.

From badasscat:

This guy obviously has never been to the Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, which is the closest thing to a New York City Wal-Mart that exists right now, and probably a good indication of what an "actual" New York City Wal-Mart would be like. It is directly on the border of Nassau county and Queens.

It is a depressing, awful place, with surly workers who would like to be anywhere else and customers who seem to vacillate between suicidal and homicidal. It's dark, it's dirty, and it makes you *feel* poor just walking through the aisles, the floors of which are almost universally covered with dried drink, dried blood or some other fluid (chemical, organic or otherwise) which has dried.

It also happens to be the Wal-Mart where that guy was trampled to death a couple years ago.

Yep, this is your future, New York City.

and btw, lest anyone think this is some weird racial thing, there is a Target literally right next door, and I go there all the time and it is vastly, vastly different, with the same customer base. Wal-Mart's problems are Wal-Mart's problems.