While examining the death of a magic shop owner, Castle and Beckett revisit their childhood as well as cliched themes à la The Prestige. However, secrets of the trade aren't the only ones being revealed during the investigation. Highlights inside.

Death by a failed magic trick isn't exactly a magician's favored form of eternal rest. Castle and Beckett visit a local magic shop from their childhood, but for less than happy reasons. The owner, Zalman Drake was found in a Chinese Water Torture Cell with a suicide note nearby. Something smells fishy and it isn't the body...

What does a magician have to do with C4, polypropylene, and half a million dollars? A couple of well used movie plots later, they discover Drake's final and greatest illusion, performed unnoticed just days before his death.


(Side Note: I'd like to thank Beckett for delivering my favorite line of the entire episode.)

Onto the personal side of things, it looks like Castle isn't the only one trying to keep a secret:


Well, now that her other half of this crime fighting duo is back on the market, what's Beckett going to do about it?