With the intentions of their unseen tormentor very much unclear, the girls of Pretty Little Liars were free to deal with some longstanding plots. Unfortunately, addressing these plots (comint out, dating your teacher, incest) leaves everybody feeling uncomfortable.

Emily, who came out to her parents during the last episode, has taken the big step of inviting her girlfriend Maya over for a family dinner. Given her mother's reaction last week, Emily is nervous about making a good impression.

The dinner goes pretty well. Maya makes a good impression on Emily's father. However, she cannot win over Emily's mom.

Things get worse when Emily thanks her mom for the evening.


At least Emily's father is supportive. Unfortunately, his nebulous military job is taking him away from his family. It's as if his bosses get a bonus for developing the most drama in employees' families.

Across the street, town badboy Toby Cavanaugh returns home after being held on suspicion of murder. No one is more happy than his sister, Jenna.

ABC Family has answered America's cries for more incest storylines in young adult programming.

Teacher of the year, Ezra Fitz is in a bit of a pickle. Turns out, a student knows about his relationship with the teenaged Aria. This knowing student is also Aria's once boyfriend. They can probably discuss assignments without mentioning their shared secret, right?

They handled that as adults (since they both very much look like adults and not a person in high school and a teacher with inappropriate boundaries).