On The Bachelor, Brad picked two special ladies for individual dates. Ashley was given her very-own fairground, while Jackie got the Pretty Woman treatment and a private Train show in the closed-down Hollywood Bowl. Which date was better?

First of all, we must acknowledge Michelle, who's spending her 30th birthday on a "group date" with 15 girls and is not happy about it.

So, there were two big dates on last night's show. Let's break it down.


Brad's Date With Ashley

Let's weigh the pros and cons:

+ First date of the show!
- Creepy drive into the dark wilderness
+ There's lots of fun to be had at a carnival
- Clowns are so unsexy
+ Hot photobooth action
- Running around like children
+ Receiving a rose
- The possibility of getting stranded on a Ferris Wheel
+ Making out with Brad ...three times
- Camera crews


Brad's Date With Jackie

Let's weigh the pros and cons:

+ Being pampered
- ...by Brad Womack
+ It's like a real-life Pretty Woman!
- ...with the inevitable comparison to Julia Robert's character being a whore
+ The Hollywood Bowl all to yourself
- Camera crews everywhere
+ Free dinner
- Serious talk about compatability
+ A private concert
- ...performed by the widely-hated band Train
+ Receiving a rose
- Did we mention the band Train?

Advantage: Ashley. Her date didn't involve the terrible sounds of Train, and included much less steamy make-out sessions. Sorry, Jackie!