Nouriel Roubini—the fameball economist and "Joe Francis of Pessimism Porn" who predicted the Great Recession—is putting his TriBeCa party pad on the rental market. Sadly, the walls have been shorn of the plaster vulvas that once adorned them.

Roubini's 1,300 square-foot, one-bedroom apartment has been host to all manner of Eurotrashy soirees featuring some of the world's most awful people. Its walls used to feature vulva-shaped protuberances sculpted by artist Analia Segal. But he bought a new penthouse apartment late last year for $5.5 million, and had to de-vulvify the old place in preparation for a sale.

But—perhaps because the economy is precisely as shitty as Roubini predicted it would be—selling hasn't come easy. He put it on the market in October for $1.89 million, according to The Real Deal, only to quickly drop the price to $1.79 million before taking it off the market altogether (he bought it in 2002 for $860,000). Now he's just trying to rent it out for $7,600. Would you like Nouriel Roubini to be your landlord?

Photos of the pad below. [Click image to expand]