On a relatively quiet season finale, Patti finished helping New Yorkers find love. Tonight there was one of the most excitable dates in the history of Millionaire Matchmaker, and another that included self-promoting DVDs and Johnny Utah's.

Freddie Mitchell is a former NFL player looking for love, but breaks Patti's rules when picking his date with Adrienne. Girlfriend not only brings up money and Freddie's possible child support issues, but is super excitable.


After their date, Freddie realizes his ways...and Patti is proud of him!

Tonight's show stealer was New York actress, model, lifestyle coach, and host—Stacy Kessler. Stacy's date with Eben starts out in a private screening of Stacy's DVD, "The Lingerie Script". Eben handled it as politely as possible, before the second part of their date at Johnny Utah's (where there was no bull riding).