Did allegedly sexy schoolteachers Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro have lesbian sex in a non-lesbian classroom? According to your brain, the New York Post, and a Facebook group, yes! But according to Brito, who's filing a wrongful termination lawsuit... no.

You may remember Brito and Mauro from the sexxiest story of 2009, "The Lesbian School Teachers Who Did Sex Lesbian-Style In The Class Room, Sexxily." If you don't, let me remind you: They had sex! Lesbian sex! In a classroom! And everyone knew it was true, because of the Facebook group called "The infamous Ms.Brito rumor" started by some of Brito's students, and also because they were totally hot.

But what if—just bear with me here—what if this whole "two sexy young female teachers participating in lesbian sex activities in the very classroom where they teach our future leaders" thing wasn't true?

Alini Brito, 30, says she was only getting candy from her colleague Cindy Mauro, not her sweets—and that the custodian who "saw" them getting carnal in classroom at James Madison HS has an overactive imagination.

That custodian, Brito's lawyer said, "witnessed" the alleged lesbian romp while standing 15 feet behind a 300-pound janitor who'd opened the classroom door a crack.

Will we ever know if Brito and Mauro were getting candy or "getting candy"? No! Because school officials "destroyed a surveillance tape that showed the hallway outside the classroom," possibly because it was just too hot to handle. But don't worry, crack NYPost.com commenters are on the case:

01/11/2011 6:38 PM
If I was the janitor I would have tried to get in on the action. I'm guessing the other teacher was hot too

You said it, rangers#1!