Here's a new trailer for the springtime alien disaster movie Battle: Los Angeles. You may remember that an earlier trailer got us all excited and, happily, this new, more plot-heavy reel doesn't diminish that feeling. This looks good, guys!

Not like Golden Globe award-winning good, but definitely event movie in March good. It seems to have the same low-to-the-ground jittery quality that helped make District 9 such a bracing, grimly elegant delight. As far as I've seen, there are no unlikable actors in the movie. I mean, who doesn't like Michelle Rodriguez? And Aaron Eckhart and Bridget Moynihan are bland delights. Plus there's even some teen girl heartthrob bait in Lucas Till, the little Sammy Squarejaw that wooed Miley Cyrus in her Hannah Montana movie and is playing Havok in the new X-Men: First Class. (Though judging from the preview, doesn't look like he's around long... Spoiler alert, girls. Spoiler alert.) Plus, explosions! So very many of those. Hurry up, March!

Though, I suppose there's a chance this could end up some awful Michael Bayian mess. I mean, the guy who directed it has basically only done Darkness Falls and a prequel to the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre before this, so his talent has not yet been proven. But I'm holding out hope. Because it is cold and miserable right now, and it's important to have nice things to look forward to if you're to survive the bleak midwinter.