In this clip from last night's V, "Anna" gulps down and then regurgitates a rat for a hungry alien baby. Plus! Watch Morena inaugurate Attack of the Show's new set with a candid exploration of the scene's creepy details.

First, here's the scene from V. This show is all about contrast, and having an adorable baby around to witness the disgustingness of this sequence is a perfect complement to Morena Baccarin's strange blend of creepiness and sex appeal.

[There was a video here]

Meanwhile, if you saw the Attack of the Show! ads running on the Gawker family of sites last week, the news that the nerd-centric daily series re-launched yesterday with a new set and a new co-host should come as no surprise. In this interview, Morena Baccarin helps break in the new digs with the REAL story behind the rat/baby extravaganza: she's musophobic!

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