Crazy old theater queen Glenn Beck was on his little radio program this morning talking about the creatively challenged but financially blessed Broadway Spider-Man musical and apparently he LOVED it. Like "this is history of Broadway being made" loved it.

Yeah he really, really liked it. He said on his show, via NYT:

After you couldn't get a ticket to ‘Spider-Man' and you've offered a kidney for it, go see ‘Wicked.' I mean, you've got two kidneys. Don't give both kidneys up - go see ‘Wicked' before you give both kidneys. But give a kidney to go see ‘Spider-Man.' I'm telling you, mark my words, it's being panned right now, nobody's saying good stuff about it. I'm telling you, you go buy your ticket - you buy your ticket now, if you're thinking about coming to New York, because when this thing opens and it's starting to run, you will not be able to get tickets to this for a year. This is one of those shows, this is the ‘Phantom' of the 21st century. This is history of Broadway being made. I sat next to the casting director, by chance, and I said, ‘You, sir, are part of history.'

That is quite a review! And of course Beck went on to say, while affecting a snooty French accent, that people who don't like it are just elitist snobs, but that people from Nebraska who "won't understand" that snobbery will totes love the show. Partly because it's poking fun at terrible atheist global warming fanatics, or something. Listen to his well-reasoned theatre critique below and imagine how conflicted Julie Taymor and company must feel. On the one hand, yay praise and endorsement. On the other, Glenn Beck.